Xtreme Gaming 10 Year Celebration

Tue 18th Jul 2017 - 2:58pm : General : Gaming

10 years, well 10 years and 101 days since we opened our doors to you here at Xtreme Gaming.

It is a long time. It’s a decade, a tenth of a century a grand total of 3754 days (including 3 leap days), if this was marriage this would be our Tin anniversary, its 324,345,600 seconds its…well you get the idea.

Most importantly though It has been our pleasure to share this time with you all.

Over the years we have hosted countless events, from Zombies invading the Black Ops 2 launch, Aliens snatching guests at the Alien Isolation event, to building and actual tavern for our friends at Bethesda at the Skyrim community night. There are literally too many to mention and all of them a have been a blast because of you our community.

We have hosted many parties here at XG, from Birthdays and Stag parties, even Hen parties (two of them) and survived! We have had 2 marriage proposals, and our happy to report both couples are still happily together. We have watched many of our members grow up from young gamers into well older gamers, some whom have gone on to forge careers in the games industry like Alan “Bricey” Brice.

Suffice to say we are beyond touched by the level of love and support our community, no matter where they are, have shown us over the years. We have been lucky enough to have shared so many moments with so many people.


Alright well to celebrate we are hosting our 10 years party here at XG on Saturday the 5th of August 2017.

The day will consist of tournaments and fun games with us, there are prizes and swag on hand from some of the amazing people we have worked with in the past.

We would love you to come along and see your new look XG, complete with Pirate Cabin, Skyrim Tavern and now high-end PC gaming arena the Stormshelter! We would especially love to see any of our original members too (We know a lot of you are still regulars).

Main Event

Doors Open


Event Start


Event end


Ticket cost £10


20:00 – 09:00

Ticket Cost: £20

Join us after we close in the Skyrim tavern as we kick back and remember all the stories of our glorious past until the dawn of the new day.

Thank you again for your love and support and we hope to see you all here on the day!



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