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Fri 13th Jan 2017 - 3:46pm : General : Gaming

There aren’t many horror franchises in gaming that stand the test of time, especially one that has spawned off a huge following, multimillion dollar Hollywood films and even a restaurant. Of course we are talking about the infamous Resident Evil, even if you started playing from the first game in 1996 or joined later in the series we all know the thrill ride that a Resident Evil game offers with its in-depth puzzles and many zombie filled jump scares.

We want to celebrate all the series has done for gaming and also tie in with the launch of the new title in the series Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. At Xtreme Gaming we are huge fans of the franchise and everything it has spawned off… Including the nightmares and fears of the door opening loading screen. We want you guys to join us for a Resident Evil filled all night event here at Xtreme Gaming in Colchester.

The lovely people over at Capcom have also supplied us with loads of swag to give away to you guys on the night. Also the main event will be you will ALL be able to experience the new game in VR to really immerse yourself in to the horror the Baker House will provide! Of course we will be doing our evening quiz themed on Resident Evil so get your facts and herb knowledge ready as well as some cool giveaways throughout the night.



Date: Saturday 28th January 2017

Time: 8pm-9am

Location: Xtreme Gaming, Colchester

Price: £20

If you have any questions or book a place let us know by either calling the store on 01206 561535 or email us at



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