Elder Scrolls Community All Nighter

Fri 7th Oct 2016 - 3:13pm : General : Gaming

To all residents of Tamriel, Xtreme Gaming and Bethesda are cordially inviting you to our Gaming Tavern on the 5th November 2016 to enjoy a night of Elder Scrolls based fun. From 6pm all the way to the following morning you can step back in to this magical world.

I think no matter what kind of games you are into we can all agree that the Elder Scrolls series is something very special to video games, a long running series that has drawn us in to the magical world of Dragons, Monsters and epic adventures. To celebrate the launch of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition we thought what better time than now to spend an evening around all things Elder Scrolls.

The amazing people over at Bethesda want to make sure their community get hands on time with the enhanced version of Skyrim as well as all the current games in the Elder Scrolls catalogue to give you the most Elder Scrolls filled night possible! As always we will be putting on challenges and fun activities through the night to test your knowledge of Tamriel as well as all the gaming you could possibly want.

So not only will you be able to try out Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, but also  the new card game Elder Scrolls: Legends on our Alienware PC's. We will also be giving out epic Mad Catz products throughout the night as well as cool swag and merch. So if you want to jump back in to the magical world of Tamriel, battle someone at Legends, get involved in the competitions or simply enjoy a beverage in our Skyrim themed pub then this event is for you!



Speed Run

One of the most popular things to see on twitch and YouTube now, most of us have finished the main story in Skyrim… well that’s if you didn’t get lost in a side quest, became a vampire and ended up being lord of the night… ANYWAY we are giving you the chance to achieve gaming glory. Between the opening and close time you have the chance to complete the main quest of Skyrim in the quickest time possible, which will be rewarded!

TES: Legends Tournament

Get your cards ready, prepare your deck it’s the TES: Legends tournament. Currently in beta this game has caused quite a stir since the rise of collectable card video games. It’s time to put your skills to the test and prove you are the ultimate card game master at this event! If you make it on to the guest list please follow the link below to sign up to the tournament.


Live Stream Play Through

It’s bad enough trying to navigate the open world alone but imagine when the community manager of Bethesda leaves all the choices to the audience… CHAOS. Sarah will control the character but you will make all the decisions, so from pick pocketing a stranger to stabbing the towns guard, the choice is yours.

You can also catch all the action here on the night if you are unable to attend CLICK ME

Elder Scrolls Quiz

In small teams you will face off to see who knows their Elder Scrolls from their Arrows to the Knee, Oblivions from Skyrims etc… Basically it will be a very hard quiz to weed out the super fans of the series, oh yeah and there will be prizes!!!


Time/Date: 6pm 5/11/2016 – 9am 6/11/2016 (Overnight)

Ticket Type: Free (guest list only) DETAILS ON TICKETS WILL BE ANNOUCED NEXT WEEK.

Getting Here/Parking
Xtreme Gaming is located on the High Street in Colchester.

By Train
The closest train station is Colchester Town Station, this is connectable through the mainline Colchester Station. 5 Minute Walk from Xtreme Gaming

Our Mainline station is COLCHESTER which is 1.1 Miles from Xtreme Gaming. 15 Minute walk or 5 Minutes in a Taxi available from the station near the main carpark.

By Car
Take the A12 from London, After Junction 26 take the next slip road taking you to Chitts Hill Roundabout. Take the second exit A133 (Cymberline Way), follow the road until you reach the next Roundabout. At the Roundabout take the third exit A134 (Westway), follow this round to the next Roundabout. At this Roundabout take the third exit up Balkerne Hill, stay on your left. Once you have passed the traffic lights you will reach a roundabout stay on your left and follow the first exit staying on your left. At the lights take a left on to Headway taking the right hand lane. Drive on to Head Street staying on your right. Once at the lights take your right on to High Street, Xtreme Gaming is located towards the end of the High Street.

Closest: Priory Street Car Park, Colchester CO1 2QA
Closest Multi Story: St Marys Car Park, St Marys Fields, Colchester CO3 3AA

If you need to contact us regarding any of the above please feel free to email us or call the store. 

Phone: 01206 561535

We hope to see you there on the 5th, but for now we will leave you with the Skyrim Trailer... Enjoy!





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