DOOM All-Nighter Presented by ASTRO

Fri 6th May 2016 - 1:30pm : General : Gaming

On Friday 27th May we are revisiting a franchise that helped shape what we know as gaming this day. I am very happy to annouce we will be holding a one of a kind DOOM all-nighter here at Xtreme Gaming, with amazing prizes, a live streamed tournament plus loads of community activities to entertain you throughout the night. On top of that the amazing people at ASTRO are getting involved by providing prizes to the winners of the tournament and also letting us loose on their Twitch Team Page for the night to stream the tournament, so not only will you be able to play for amazing ASTRO gear you will also be seen all over the world doing so. 

In addition to all that we have Bethesda in attendance on the night bringing with them a tonne of swag and goodies for all of you on the night... Could you ask for anymore? 

SO that's a Tournament, Community Activities, Amazing prizes plus it being live streamed, if you want to get involved please read the details below and we can't wait to see you on the night. Also if you are thinking of attending or want to get involved we are using the #XGisDoomed on all social media!



Date: 27th May 2016 

Time: 8pm-9am

Location: Xtreme Gaming, 63-64 High Street Colchester, Essex, UK, CO1 1DN

Age: 18+

Customer Ticket Price: £20

To resurve your slot Phone us on 01206 561535 or email us at



The main event of the night, where alone you put your skills to the test against the rest to see who claims Ultimate victory. With the stunning new graphics, map design and game modes DOOM brings to the table, this is set to be one HELL of a tournament!

PLEASE NOTE: Tournament format has changed to Dueling 

Tournament Format: Double Elimination 1v1

Team Size: 1

Rounds: Bo1/Bo3 Final

Game Modes: Deathmatch

Map Pool: TBC

Tournament Start Time: 9pm


1st Place – ASTRO A40 + MixAmp TR for Xbox One & Scout Backpack

2nd Place – ASTRO A40 + MixAmp M80 for Xbox One & Scout Backpack

3rd Place – ASTRO A40 TR PC Headset & Scout Backpack


Due to our new Fibre Optic lines, Xtreme Gaming can now project our events to the world, this will be debuting at our DOOM event with our team covering the tournament aspect of the event live on Xtreme Gaming’s Twitch TV Channel. So if you can’t make the event, you can always join us live on Twitch from 9pm, please see all the details below.

Stream Time: 9pm GMT- End of Tournament

Twitch Channel:

Casters: Jon “itbeJonB” Blayney / Josh “Eurasian” Goodings


Community Activities

  • Create your own Snap map

Using the fantastic new Snap feature in DOOM we will be letting you guys go out and create your own maps in the game. Which will then be put to the test and judged by your own peers!

  • DOOM Quiz

In True Xtreme Gaming style we will put you through your paces and test your knowledge of Hell as we put all our guests through a quiz that will test all you think you know about the legendary series.

  • Try the original DOOM Games on the PC’s

Try out where it all started? Maybe you are revisiting the series or never tried the original games, our Alienware PC’s will be loaded up with the original titles for you to try out and see where this epic game legacy started.




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