CoD:AW Ascendance DLC Event

Fri 10th Apr 2015 - 11:25am : Gaming

Join us on Friday April 10th at Xtreme Gaming from 6pm as we throw you into the Pro Gaming Bunker and allow you to sample the delights of the four new maps on offer; Chop Shop, Climate, Site 244 and Perplex.

Facing off against fellow attendees you will have the chance to test your wits on the new maps, who will exploit the advantages who will take the glory?

Then after pitting your skills against the other players you will be taken to the Odeon cinema to face off against the relentless hordes of the undead. That’s right from 10pm you will be taken to the local Odeon where in the darkness of screen one you will face the newest breed of Zombies on Infection, the latest map in the astonishing EXO Zombies series. Play on the 60ft cinema screen with amazing Dolby Surround blearing every moan and groan as you fight to survive the longest, oh and there may just be some zombies loose IN the cinema so beware...

This entire night is brought to you with the help of Xtreme Academy and our partner Mad Catz and there will be prizes for highest round attained on EXO Zombies and also a raffle!...


Tritton Kunai, Tritton Kama + DLC Codes for Havoc and Ascendance + Odeon Tickets + More Goodies


£20 XG and Odeon experience.

£30 XG, Odeon experience and all night gaming at XG.

If you have any questions or require further details please pop in to the store or email us at

I will now leave you with the fantastic trailer for the new DLC, hope to see you at the event! 



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