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Fri 10th Apr 2015 - 11:02am : Gaming


Friday Fight Nights are here to stay!  Thanks to our friends at CAPCOM and Mad Catz we are proud to launch our new FREE Fight Night. Every Friday from 5pm until 10pm we are encouraging fans to join us here at the centre to indulge in some digital fisticuffs.

Every week from now until Xmas we will be throwing our doors open FREE OF CHARGE to everyone keen to be involved in the fighting game community. Each week there will be a tournament to see who is best of the best along with a mosh pit of free play where you can show your skills, or impart some knowledge.

Thats not all however as come Xmas XG will be holding the Ultimate Fight Night Party here at the centre with a raffle including some mouth watering prizes! There will also be a grand master tournament to finally establish who really is the very best digital fist thrower! 

How Does this Work?

Simple every week you will be given the oppertunity to earn fight tokens that are cashed in at Xmas against raffle tickets. Each ticket costs 10 Fight tokens, so the more tokens you earn the greater the chance you have to win.

How Do I Earn Tokens?

- Attend a Fight Night                     = 10 Tokens

- Come 1st in a Fight Night Event  = 40 Tokens

- Come 2nd in a Fight Night Event = 30 Tokens

- Come 3rd in a Fight Night Event  = 20 Tokens

- Come 4th in a Fight Night Event  = 10 Tokens 

We will expand ways to win tokens as the nights progress but the ultimate goal is to bring the community together and grow it.

What are the rules for the Fight Night Events? 

- Game Version: PAL Xbox 360 Ultra Street Fighter 4

- Game Settings: 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Edition Select=Off, No Handicap

- Top 4 Competitors play 3/5 Matches

- There will be a Grand Final between Winners and Losers bracket champions at 3/5 Matches

- Always Random Stage Select

- Only losers can change character, if the loser does so the winner may change their Ultra if they want.

- Hardware Programmable input entry, rapid fire or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden

- Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the round - at judge's discretion (we will go easy on new players)

- Any player using “Random Select” to pick their character, must “Random Select” again if they win the match

- All wireless controllers are banned, unless they pair to a specific dongle.

Again we stress the goal for this night is to grow the community and encourage others to join, so tell your friends get together and come along to see just how good you really are! 

Event Start: 5pm

Finish: 10pm

Cost: FREE

See you all here!



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