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About Xtreme Gaming 

Based in Colchester Essex Xtreme Gaming is the first dedicated XBOX 360 gaming centre in England. Enjoy the latest games in the ultimate comfort using the highest spec equipment.

Welcome to our new look website! Please take some time to have a look around and check out what is new and changing. Check on the calendar each week to see what offers or events are taking place in the centre there is always something going on.

We are proud to be the First and the best dedicated XBOX 360 gaming centre in the UK and our goal is and always will be to give you the ultimate experience be it in one of our themed arenas or just online with your friends and family sat next to you.

So come along and bring your friends because this place is made by gamers for gamers.


About Xtreme Academy

Welcome to the Xtreme Academy website, home of all things XA.

Filled with user based content such as videos, blogs, reviews, opinion pieces all the way thorough to event information and news, Xtreme Academy is our platform for our community to share their thoughts, showcase their talents or who just love to game

XA is here to support our community and, whether it’s showcasing content, pushing streams or helping casual players move into professional eSports we will be on hand to help and advise you.

But it’s not all about creating the next journalist, pro gamer or YouTube sensation, this community is born out of a shared love for games and gaming so if you just want to play games with likeminded gamers, or go zombie hunting on one of our community nights then we will have plenty of exciting things lined up for you over the year.

Ultimately we are here because we love gaming and we are lucky enough to have the perfect environment to support that.

Xtreme Gaming based in Colchester, provides us and our community the very best possible gaming experience, with the newest consoles, games and fantastic events. We also work very closely with developers, publishers and other companies in the gaming world to make sure we are always deliver a memorable gaming experience.

So get involved with XA today, but importantly get involved the way you want to.